Daily RSS

Daily News/Blog aggregator website and you could use this website as a template to create you own public rss daily reader by adding you own rss addresses collection in R/list.txt .

Daily R is a light news/blog aggregator website for R.


  • Real daily update and you could use RSS reader or click archive to find entries of the old posts

  • No AD

  • Remove the author to make more contents focused

  • Update everyday via a automated process

  • Use Github PR API to control posts

  • Re-direct to the orginal pages by click title in the homepage and wait 10s to re-direct in the post page

  • We reserve the right to delete any inappropriate posts


  • Add your rss address and dates to the R/list.txt

  • Use getrss from scifetch to convert rss xml file into dataframe and use the following code to generate md files and PR to this repo.

if (!dir.exists("content")) dir.create("content")
if (!dir.exists("content/post")) dir.create("content/post")
x <- scifetch::getrss('path-to-your-own-rss-xml-files')
for (i in 1:NROW(x)) {
    name = gsub("^http[s]?://|/$", "", tolower(x[i, 'linkTitle']))
    name = gsub("%", "", name)
    name = gsub("[^a-z0-9]+", "-", name)
    name = gsub("--+", "-", name)
    # file name too long issue
    name = substr(name, 1, 200)
    p = sprintf('content/post/%s.md', paste0(name))
    cat('disable_comments: true\n')
    cat(as.character(x[i, 5]))
  • Add comma and your name to the YAML front matter block in contributor.md


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